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New (Non-practicum) and
Renewal Applicants!

Guidelines and Critical Dates  for
Completing Your Application

2016 New Applicant
Scholarship Application

2016 Renewal Applicant
Scholarship Application

2016 Career Practicum First-Time
Applicant Scholarship Application
ONLY for students in the
Practicum program since Junior
year in high school)

Career Practicum Guidelines and
Critical Dates

Scholarship Recipients
Data Sheet
Undergraduate Student
Nine Weeks or a minimum of  
360 hours of Manufacturing-,
Engineering- or Science-Related
Work Experience
in an
Industrial Setting
(These hours must be completed        
from October 1st of the previous
calendar year through August 31st of
the calendar year in which you are
applying for the scholarship.  You
may apply prior to completion of
your work experience by submitting
a signed commitment to fulfill this
Academic Achievement
3.2 cumulative GPA       
1700 SAT (before March 2016)
1120 SAT (March 2016 - later)
Essay Composition
Personal Interview
Must be scheduled by
June 1, 2016!
No Record of Disciplinary
II-VI Foundation Scholarship History:

In August 2007, the first class of student scholarships was awarded.  Seven
students graduating into or already attending college were granted $5,000
each in potentially renewable scholarships.

In April 2008 the Board of Directors increased the individual award up to
$10,000 per student, with the opportunity to apply
for renewal for three additional years.  Scholarships were granted to
nineteen students in 2008 and twenty-seven
students in 2009 .

Scholarships of up to $10,000 each were awarded to thirty-eight students in
2010, forty-two students in 2011 and fifty-six students in 2012.  Fifty-six
scholarships were awarded in 2013.  

In 2014 we extended our program by offering international scholarships.  
Forty-nine domestic scholarships were awarded and eight scholarships were
awarded to students in Vietnam.

The 2015 scholarships were awarded to a particularly stellar group of
students.  This scholarship season proved to be the most competitive yet in
the history of the program.  Fifty scholarships of up to $9,000 were awarded
in 2015.  Thirty-five of those scholarships were domestic scholarships with
students representing eleven states across the country.  Twelve scholarships
were awarded to students in Vietnam and three to students in China.  Of the
total domestic awardees, 66 percent had a GPA of 3.8 or higher and 94
percent had a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

you be the next scholarship winner of up to $9,000 in 2016?
Scholarships are limited to students entering the fields of engineering, math
and science.  II-VI Foundation scholarship opportunities are
not directed
toward pre-med candidates, civil engineers, architectural engineers or
petroleum engineers.  Scholarship opportunities are directed toward
students pursuing degrees in electrical, industrial, chemical, nuclear,
mechanical, material science engineering and related engineering and
science disciplines.  However, decisions by the Selection Committee may
advantage or disadvantage any particular engineering specialty, at the
discretion of the Committee.  Mathematics majors are welcome to apply.   
Also, the scholarship opportunity is not available to seniors who are applying
for the first time.  It is felt we cannot have as great an impact on these

Students must have and maintain a 3.2 cumulative GPA (un-weighted for
high school students) to be considered for the scholarship.  Students
entering their freshman year in college must also have a minimum SAT
score of 1700 for tests taken before March 2016; minimum score of 1120 for
tests taken from March 2016 and later.  
 This is a competition.

One very unique aspect of the II-VI Foundation Scholarship is the
requirement of nine (9) weeks, or 360 hours, of manufacturing-,
engineering- or science-related experience
in an industrial setting from
October 1st through August 31st of the year in which the candidate applies
for the scholarship.  This requirement forces the candidates to have
hands-on, real-world experiences outside of an academic setting, therefore
creating a different perspective from which to view his or her career
Scholarship Requirement
"The II-VI Foundation Scholarship Opportunity has helped me immensely in my growth as a math student at
Grove City College.  In the classroom, I have been able to use the problem solving skills that I have learned
from working at II-VI Incorporated. This opportunity has also given me experiences most college-aged
student never receive.  Through working daily with qualified engineers, sales representatives, and
management, I have learned much about the manufacturing environment and the work force.  It has helped
me grow in forming personal relationships, as well as determining how to make ethical and smart choices.  
This isn't knowledge that is gained in the classroom. The II-VI Foundation Scholarship is much, much more
than money.  It is about leaning from some of the smartest and most experienced workers in the field of
engineering.  This hands-on, practical experience is priceless and lasts far longer than the monetary part of
the scholarship."
-S.Mills, '11

Shane Mills is the first student to have received a $10,000 scholarship from the II-VI Foundation for all four
years of his academic career.
"I have gained so much valuable experience through my internship for Nabco Incorporated during
the past two summers.  The II-IV Foundation and scholarship motivated me to work as an intern
early on.  As a sophomore at Penn State, having hands-on experience has helped me see real life
applications of information learned in class.  Being in a manufacturing setting has helped me truly
understand the engineering challenges in life do not work like problems in class where everything
works out nicely.  I also learned valuable work and life skills in my internship that will help me to find
a job when I graduate.  The II-IV Foundation has shown me how much they care about me and the
other students.  I honestly appreciate the support that the II-IV Foundation has given me."
  -M. Houser '13

Michael is currently employed as Twin Aisle Propulsion Structures Engineer with Boeing in Seattle,
What makes the II-VI Foundation
Student Scholarship Unique?
Words from Former
Student Scholars:
Typically, most first year students studying engineering are overwhelmed as they begin college. The
stress of challenging classes and a new lifestyle can be hindrances to becoming a successful
engineering student. I, however, am happy to say that I felt confident when I entered my freshman year
as a Mechanical Engineering major at Penn State University, and I owe a great deal of success to the
II-VI Foundation Scholarship. The Foundation scholarship helped to relieve the financial burdens that
accompanied my college experience. Therefore, I was able to focus more intently on my studies with
fewer worries about funding. In addition to financial help, the II-VI Scholarship also taught me problem
solving skills. As an intern at Ritter Technology, LLC, I learned a variety of useful skills, such as technical
knowledge of hydraulics, strategies for success, management, and most importantly, the ability to adapt
to new situations. In school, students can work out a problem that is given to them with relative ease
without delving too far into accompanying issues. However, in the real world, nothing is ever perfect. My
experience with the II-VI Scholarship and my related internship taught me to analyze the effects of my
decisions, while applying technical knowledge and a problem solving skill set to issues that I encounter.
I was able to learn this and more, because I interacted in an industrial setting, allowing me to get
hands-on experience with the fluid power components that I was working with and learning about. So,
when I entered college, I was able to take the skills I developed in my internship into the classroom,
which further enhanced my studies. I am extremely grateful to the II-VI Foundation for their generosity
and dedication in providing me with the scholarship and employing a framework that has contributed so
much to my development, as well as Ritter Technology for providing me with the internship that allowed
me to qualify for the scholarship.
- Mimi Overbaugh '15
The II-VI Foundation has given me one of the greatest  opportunities of my life. It has
given me the ability to see engineering in both the academic stage and in the real
world application, through the help of Marlow Industries, Inc. The II-VI Foundation has
helped me by providing this scholarship and assistance in expanding my knowledge
at Johns Hopkins University. It has inspired me to take up the challenge of completing
degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Applied Mathematics and Statistics. This dual
degree is very challenging, but fun. It allows me to see the world in a Biological and a
Physical Sense. Through my work experience, I can see different aspects of
engineering relative to my academics and also the other way around. With my two
majors, I will be able to contribute in making the world a better place.
-Simon Ammanuel '15
I wanted to send my deepest appreciation to all of you for the support you have provided over the past
three years in the form of the II-VI Foundation Scholarship.  The scholarship allowed me to pursue my
academics, internships and extra-curricular activities with confidence, and I can't thank you enough for

I graduated from Penn State this past May with B.S. degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and
Nuclear Engineering, with honors in Mechanical Engineering.  I also successfully completed my term as
the Nittany Lion Mascot.

I began my career in July as a Systems Integration Analyst for Accenture in Philadelphia.  The internship
experiences, academic achievements and leadership pursuits which this Foundation honors have all
contributed to my receipt of this position.  It is truly an amazing program, awarding students for diligence
in the field of engineering, and I am very thankful for all of your support over the past three years.  Thank

Robert Nellis '13