Undergraduate Scholarships

The 2018-2019 Scholarships have been awarded. 
Check back in January or February for applications for the 2019-2020 school year.

  • 360 Hours Work Experience
  • Academic Achievement
  • Essay Composition
  • Personal Interview
  • No Record of Disciplinary Issues


Career Practicum Students (have been a part of this program throughout high school):
March 30th -            Notification Deadline
April 16th -      Documentation  Deadline

All other New and Renewing Students:
June 1st - Notification  Deadline
July 2nd -              Documentation  Deadline

Codes for freshmen to order testing scores:
SAT Code #6347
ACT Code #7950

The II-VI Foundation Scholarship is designed to fulfill our mission of encouraging and enabling students entering the fields of science, engineering and mathematics at the undergraduate level. It is available to students in bachelor degree programs, not for students studying for a certificate or associates degree. The scholarship opportunity is available to Freshmen, Sophomore and Juniors who are applying for the first time. Seniors who are applying to renew their scholarships are eligible. 

Scholarships are limited to students entering the fields of engineering, mathematics and science. The competition for the II-VI Foundation Scholarship is getting tougher each year. Of primary interest to the II-VI Foundation are students majoring in the fields of electrical engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry, physics, materials science engineering, mathematics, and mechanical engineering. However, at the discretion of the Scholarship Selection Committee, industrial engineering, computer science engineering and other engineering disciplines may be acceptable, depending on the quality of the work experience. Medical Sciences, petroleum engineering, architectural engineering and civil engineering are excluded.

Students must have and maintain a 3.2 cumulative GPA (un-weighted for high school students) to be considered for the scholarship. Students entering their freshman year in college must also have a minimum SAT score of 1120 or a minimum composite ACT score of 25.

One very unique aspect of the II-VI Foundation Scholarship is the requirement of nine (9) weeks, or 360 hours, of manufacturing-, engineering- or science-related experience in an industrial setting from October 1st through August 31st of the year in which the candidate applies for the scholarship. This requirement forces the candidates to have hands-on, real-world experiences outside of an academic setting, therefore creating a different perspective from which to view his or her career decisions.

For the 2018 scholarship cycle all freshmen applicants are eligible for UP TO a $5,000 scholarship. 
Upper class candidates are eligible for UP TO a $10,000 scholarship. The II-VI Foundation Scholarship is restricted to use for tuition, books and fees by the IRS.

MEETING THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY GUARANTEE YOU WILL BE A RECIPIENT.  This is a competition and a limited number of scholarships are available.


In August 2007, the first class of student scholarships was awarded.  Seven students graduating into or already attending college were granted $5,000 each in potentially renewable scholarships.
In April 2008 the Board of Directors increased the individual award up to $10,000 per student with the opportunity to apply for renewal for three additional years. Scholarships were awarded to nineteen students in 2008. The II-VI Foundation Scholarships continued with students being awarded UP TO $10,000:
            2009        27 scholarships
            2010        38 scholarships
            2011        42 scholarships
            2012        56 scholarships    
            2013        56 scholarships

In 2014 we extended our program by offering international scholarships.  Forty-nine domestic scholarships were awarded and eight scholarships were awarded to students in Vietnam. Fifty scholarships of up to $9,000 were awarded in 2015. Thirty-five of these scholarships were domestic scholarships with students representing eleven states across the country. Twelve scholarships were awarded to students in Vietnam and three to students in China.

In 2016 the Board altered the scholarship amounts. Students entering their freshmen year are eligible for UP TO $5,000 with upper class students being eligible for UP TO $10,000. 
In 2016 forty-two scholarships were awarded. 2017 brought another group of stellar students to select as scholarship recipients. There were 42 domestic scholarship applicants with 29 domestic scholarships awarded, 4 Vietnamese scholarships and 7 Chinese scholarships awarded for a total of 40 scholarships awarded. 48% of the domestic scholarship recipients had a GPA of 3.9 or above. 90% of the domestic scholarship recipients had a GPA of 3.5 or above.

Will you be the next scholarship winner of UP TO $10,000 in 2018?


I wanted to send my deepest appreciation to all of you for the support you have provided over the past three years in the form of the II-VI Foundation Scholarship. The scholarship allowed be to pursue my academics, internships and extra-curricular activities with confidence and I can't thank you enough for that.
I graduated from Penn State in May of 2013 with B.S. degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and Nuclear Engineering, with honors in Mechanical Engineering. I also successfully completed my term as the Nittany Lion Mascot.

I began my career in July as a Systems Integration Analyst for Accenture in Philadelphia. The internship experiences, academic achievements and leadership pursuits which this Foundation honors have all contributed to my receipt of this position. It is truly an amazing program, awarding students for diligence in the field of engineering, and I am very thankful for all of your support over the past three years. Thank you!

Robert Nellis '13
Penn State University

The II-VI Foundation Scholarship has had an immeasurable impact on me and my development as a mechanical engineer at Carnegie Mellon University. The support from this foundation motivated me to get the most out of my degree with technical experience in and out of the classroom. My experience as an intern at II-VI Incorporated gave me the opportunity to work with dedicated and gifted engineers. This experience increased my knowledge of mechanical design in a manufacturing environment. In addition to the technical experience, I gained time management, communication and presentation skills that I will carry throughout my career. 

With this valuable experience and the help of the II-VI Foundation Scholarship, I was able to apply my hands-on experience into valuable projects and research at my university. As well as learning about the key fundamentals of mechanical engineering, I could relate them to my experiences in the industry. 

I am thankful for the opportunities and support that II-VI Incorporated and the II-VI Foundation have offered to me over my college career. I truly appreciate the support and would recommend this program for any student interested in engineering.


Frank Bello '17

Carnegie-Mellon University

Frank was a student-athlete, playing on the CMU Football team.

Frank will be working at Arconic as an Automotive Engineer following graduation.

"I am forever grateful to the II-VI Foundation for giving me an amazing opportunity.  The II-VI Foundation Scholarship has been a blessing for my family and me for the past two years.  I learned so much through my work as a chemical researcher at PPG Industries.  Not only did I increase my knowledge and understanding of both organic chemistry and chemical experimentation, but I also cam to understand how the scientific industry operates and ow teams of scientists can work together. In this position, I was given significant autonomy and responsibility, and was allowed to work alongside a number of professionals in different departments at the company.
I graduate from the University of Virginia in May of 2017 with a degree in Chemistry, prepared to begin my professional career with the confidence that the II-VI Foundation and my internship experience have instilled in me."

Joseph Murphy '17
                                  University of Virginia

In the Spring of 2017, I will graduate from Drexel University with a bachelor's and master's in Mechanical Engineering with honors. Without hesitation, I
can confidently attest that the II-VI Foundation's Student Scholarship made this dream not only a possibility, but also a reality. Not only was I able to become the first person in my family to receive a master's degree by way of Drexel's 5-year BS/MS program, I was also able to spend more than a year and a half of that time working full-time in a variety to industries. After my freshmen year I was designing equipment to be used at an ultra-precision production company, Max Levy Autograph. Following this experience, I entered the aerospace industry designing commercial airplanes and spacecraft for The Boeing Company. In addition to design, I gained practical experience applying my coursework as a stress analyst for commercial airplanes as part of the Boeing Design Center in Ridley Park. 

As a result of the financial support that the II-VI Foundation has provided, I have offers to work at all three of the companies that I co-oped at during my education at Drexel University. Without this scholarship and my role as an RA at the university, I do not know if I would have been able to afford the phenomenal education and practical experience that these co-ops and my university have provided. I am incredibly grateful to the II-VI foundation, Susan Zuk, and Richard Purnell for their continued interest in my, and other student's, success. 

Nick Martin
Drexel University Class of 2017
BS/MS Mechanical Engineering

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