Block-Gift Consideration Procedure


Schools interested in receiving an invitation to submit a White Paper must submit a one to two-page RESEARCH CONCEPT SUMMARY, describing a specific research project topic aimed at supporting two students for three years toward a PhD (or MS) degree.

Block Gift research topics typically fall into one of three major Technology Focus Areas: Optics, Lasers and Photonics, Additive Manufacturing and Wide Bandgap Power Electronics. Periodically we augment these areas with topics of special interest. Currently chip level photonics integration, quantum communications, and solid state batteries are of interest. In general, Block Gift projects tend to emphasize research involving material synthesis, crystal growth and processing, and novel device studies including design, fabrication, and characterization.

The Summary should include: technical goals and the outcome expected from the research, identify the critical technical issues, suggest the approach to resolving them, and describe the student educational development leading to a successful research project.


You may be contacted by our Technology Team to provide clarification and/or additional information.


Invitations will be sent inviting submission of a White Paper Proposal in our pre-set format.

Institutions who will not receive an invitation will be informed of that decision.


This is the APPLICATION deadline for the White Paper. Any institution who received an invitation must apply using the appropriate application form found at the Foundation’s website, ). The applications change annually. Please make certain you have the one with current Due Dates.

MARCH 16th to APRIL 16th

All institutions submitting an application on February 15th will be informed of the Selection Committee’s decision during this time period. Assuming a favorable decision, a follow-on visit may be scheduled and new documentation must be signed. Please refer to the Block-Gift Critical Dates on our website at this time.

We encourage electronic submissions. Please submit all concept summaries and proposals to:

II-VI Foundation

Attn: Block Gift Program

Questions or concerns? Call 412-206-0580