Block-Gift Testamonials

Statements from II-VI Foundation Block-Gift Principal Investigators:

Furthering the expansion of technical expertise in the growing field of semiconductors is critical to our national interests. The vision and generosity of the II-VI Foundation provides much needed opportunities for students to further their academic and research efforts. Through their patronage, The Foundation enables students to participate and contribute meaningfully in groundbreaking scientific research. The effects of the work supported by the II-VI Foundation will have lasting impacts throughout their professional careers.

Dr. Anant K. Agarwal, IEEE Fellow

The Ohio State University

Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

I greatly appreciate and feel honored to receive the II-VI Foundation Block-Gift Program. In my group, two graduate students are gaining various direct benefits from this program such as financial support, training in the skill of writing reports, an opportunity to present their work at a mini-conference. At the mini-conference, students can enjoy informal discussion and exchange ideas with famous professors and students of similar ages in other universities. The students have been highly motivated and working hard since the support of this program. The inspired activities of the two students are reflected by three student awards and two invited talks by them at international conferences.

Dr. Tsunenobu Kimoto

Kyoto University

Department of Electronic Science and Engineering