Block-Gift White Paper Proposal Template


(Revision U dated July 14, 2021)

DATE of Application: _________/_______/_____________

FULL NAME of institution or center of excellence: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

NAME of principal investigator:


MAILING ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________


OFFICE PHONE: _______________________________________ FAX: __________________________________________________________

CELL PHONE: _________________________________________ EMAIL: _______________________________________________________

TITLE of R&D project/initiative: ____________________________________________________________________________________________


FUNDING REQUEST associated with project: $___________________________________________________

TWELVE-MONTH PERIOD covered by this request: 07/01/22 to 06/30/23

PROJECTED OUTCOME and likelihood of FOLLOW-ON REQUEST: _______________________________________________________________




  1. Please attach a comprehensive white paper using the Block-Gift White Paper Instructions below as a guide. Be sure to include all the elements requested.

  2. II-VI Foundation Budget Proposal and Reconciliation Form attached to the bottom of this page on the website MUST BE USED for your budget submission. Submit this budget as a separate Excel file. Complete the gray shaded areas only. Please use whole dollar amounts only.

  3. White Papers are due by February 15, 2022. No extensions are available.

  4. Gifts are intended to cover a twelve-month period from July 1st through June 30th and must be in the range presented in your invitation to submit a white paper.

  5. Realistic budgets are appreciated. Unused funds will impact future budget considerations.

  6. All Block-Gift programs must have students and student education as its’ primary focus.


  • Please use a single-spaced, 12-point font and 0.75-inch margins.

  • Please number the pages in the lower right corner.

Please include the following items in your II-VI Foundation Block-Gift White Paper:

1. Cover Page (see attached template) (1 page)

2. Concise statement of the R&D problem to be investigated/solved, key issues and technical/educational goals. Please succinctly state the expected overall outcome or major goal of the proposed three-year project effort. (<1 page)

3. For New Projects: Description of R&D program approach and anticipated results/benefits and relevance to graduate student training/capabilities and skill development (<2 pages)

For Renewing Projects: Summary of project progress describing key results to-date versus original proposed activity. (<2 pages)

4. Program statement of work (SOW) including a listing and description of tasks to be performed. (<3 pages)

5. Program timeline showing phasing of tasks, milestones and deliverable items, if any. (<1 page)

6. Listing of human and laboratory resources to be employed (keep biographical material to key points). The research should involve significant graduate student participation.(£1 page) If the graduate students are already identified, please include one paragraph describing each graduate student’s background and where they are in their program of study. Keep in mind, generally, we do not allocate resources to post-doc efforts but when we do their compensation falls within the “professor’s salary” section of the budget as they are no longer students. All Block-Gift programs must have students and student education as its’ primary focus. Please indicate any extended leaves planned by the Principal Investigator during the time of this funding cycle, such as retirement, sabbatical or extended leave for any other reason.

7. Follow-on R&D activities/benefits (<1 page) Including:

  • Likelihood of reaching the current project goal

  • Potential impact of reaching the current project goal

  • Potential for follow-on project (time period and funding)

8. Signed Release of Information Forms, attached to this application, for each student participating in the Block-Gift Research Program. (1 page for each student)

9. Please submit the program cost budget as a separate excel file USING THE II-VI FOUNDATION BUDGET AND RECONCILIATION FORM FOUND BELOW (Remember this unrestricted gift can bear no overhead and that we do not fund equipment purchases.) Use whole dollar amounts. Complete ONLY the gray areas. The total student costs must be the largest component of the total budget.

NB: There is no legal relationship between the II-VI Foundation and II-VI Incorporated. II-VI Incorporated may independently choose to provide material free of charge.

We encourage electronic submissions. Please submit all proposals, reports and reconciliations to:

II-VI Foundation, Attn: Block-Gift Program Questions or concerns? Call 412-206-0580.

Please Note: We understand the nature of R&D Programs and that expenditures can slip beyond the budget period. Thus, if the condition exists, we require a formal written plan to mitigate the situation. We also expect timely notification of the condition in order to lead to a better resolution. The II-VI Foundation reserves the right to withhold any future payments under this gift or any future gift, until all amounts of any previous gift have been spent in accordance with the gift letter to which the past payment relates.





The undersigned individual is working with

____________________________________________________________________________________________ [name of Principal Investigator]

on __________________________________________________________________________________________[name of funded project]

(the “Project”) at _______________________________________________________________________________[name of university/college]

(the “Institution”). The II-VI Foundation is funding the Project at the Institution.

The II-VI Foundation may utilize and disclose the undersigned individual’s name, address, email, phone number, image or likeness, the name of the Principal Investigator, the Project, the Institution, and the individual’s relationship to the Project. By signing this Release the undersigned individual gives the II-VI Foundation permission to use and disclose this information for promotional and other purposes. An example of a situation where the II-VI Foundation may disclose this information to a third party, includes, but is not limited to the following: press releases and potential employer request for contact information.

__________________________________ By: ____________________________________________________________________________

Date [hand written signature of graduate or post-graduate student]

(PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE) Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Email: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________