COMPLETE Guidelines for Applying





Please follow these instructions carefully. Failure to comply may result in rejection of your application:



JUNE 1, 2022—Application Deadline

JUNE 30, 2022, 1:00 pm ET—Documentation Deadline

II-VI Foundation scholarships are limited to students entering the fields of engineering, mathematics and science. II-VI Foundation scholarship opportunities are not directed toward pre-med candidates, civil engineers, architectural engineers, software engineers, computer science majors or petroleum engineers. The competition for the II-VI Foundation Scholarship is getting tougher each year. Of primary interest to the II-VI Foundation are students majoring in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, materials science engineering, mathematics, chemistry, and physics. However, at the discretion of the Scholarship Selection Committee, industrial, computer and other engineering preferences may be acceptable depending on the quality of the work experience.

The scholarship opportunity is not available to college seniors who are applying for the first time. It is felt we cannot have as great an impact on these students. You must have four (4) full semesters of class time remaining to apply for the FIRST time. (Class time meaning instruction, not internship/co-op work time.) As a first time applicant, to apply for the 2022-2023 cycle your graduation date cannot be earlier than Spring, 2024.

The June 1, 2022 Intention Deadline and June 30, 2022 Documentation Deadlines are absolute. The earlier you submit your information the better. ONLY THE FIRST 45 COMPLETE, QUALIFIED APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED! This includes applicants applying for the first time and renewal applicants. We recognize that many parts of your application cannot be completed until May or June, such as your transcript, supervisor’s recommendation and essay on your work experience. You do not have to submit the entire application all at once. Please send us pieces as you receive them or complete them. All documents must be physically received in the office by 1:00 pm EDT on Thursday, June 30, 2022. Copies of official documents (i.e. transcripts and SAT or ACT scores) will not be accepted as substitutes. Make sure you contact your schools and College Boards in plenty of time. They often need several weeks to get a transcript or scores out. And, remember – we will only accept the first 45 qualified, complete applications!

The following Intention Documents must be submitted by email to by June 1, 2022 TO BE CONSIDERED ONE OF THE FIRST 45 QUALIFIED APPLICATIONS:

***Signed, complete application form (found on our website – The 2022 applications have a bright green box around the title. Make sure you have the correct, current application.)

***Job description provided by the employer of your work experience in an industrial environment. Proof of employment must be presented to the II-VI Foundation office in the form of a job description provided by your employer or supervisor/mentor prior to your interview and the June 1ST deadline. However, it is recommended that you get this approval before beginning your job to ensure that it qualifies you for our scholarship. Please note that work experience must be gained in an “industrial” setting. This does not include labs, research, academic settings or most government and military jobs.

· An interview with the Executive Director or his designate is required. Please email by June 1, 2022 to schedule an interview. Interviews will be conducted during the week of May 31st, Tuesday through Thursday and the weeks of June 6th and June 13th, Monday through Thursday, 10 am – 4 pm.

***Anyone in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area is expected to come to our designated Pittsburgh location, the Board Room at the Hampton Inn, 150 Old Pond Road, Bridgeville, Pennsylvania 15017 between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm the week of June 6th for an interview. We understand this is during work time. Talk with your supervisor. Most are willing to let you leave to attend an interview of this importance. Interviews can also be scheduled during your lunch break, if necessary. ALL IN-PERSON INTERVIEWS MUST BE DONE THE WEEK OF JUNE 6TH. If you are outside of the Pittsburgh area, Zoom, Skype or FaceTime interviews will be conducted the week of May 31st, Tuesday through Thursday and the week of June 13th, Monday through Thursday, 10 am – 4 pm. When writing to request an interview, please include format, dates and times that work for you.

The following Documentation Items must be submitted by email to by 1:00 pm June 30, 2022 for your application to be complete: (Read the application and guidelines carefully to make sure you submit everything required.)

***Three (3) signed letters of recommendation: one from your immediate supervisor describing your practical work experience and your performance during this experience, and two additional letters of character reference. Please request the recommender explains how they know you. All recommendation letters must have a physical, hand-written signature or they will NOT be accepted. RENEWAL APPLICANTS - Recommendations must be new each year. You may ask the same person for a recommendation, but they must write a new one. You learn, change and grow each year. We need to have current recommendations.

***Essay (s) as required. Essay topics are on the application. A new essay is required each year that you apply for the scholarship. Please initial the line on the application confirming that you have not plagiarized any portion of your essay. Essays should be written on a separate sheet of paper, not to exceed one single-spaced page each. New scholarship applicants write two essays explaining the following:

o I. Why you have chosen an engineering, science, or mathematics field of study?

o II. What you have learned from your hands-on work experience in an industrial

environment? Include in your essay a brief description of two technical examples and two soft skill examples of what you’ve learned.

Renewing scholarship applicants write one essay explaining the following:

o What you have learned from your hands-on work experience in an industrial

environment? Include in your essay a brief description of two technical examples and two soft skill examples of what you’ve learned.

***Proof that you are enrolled in a major in an engineering-, science-, or mathematics-related course of study for the upcoming academic year (Civil engineers, architectural engineers, petroleum engineers, software engineers, computer science majors and students in a pre-med program are excluded). This is usually available on your school’s website. It could be specifically a proof of enrollment form, your acceptance letter, a copy of pre-registration for the fall semester or a copy of your class schedule for the fall. It is not necessary to have this signed.

***Cost and Commitment Form found on our website, which includes:

o Statement of Anticipated Costs form. This gives us a statement of anticipated cost of tuition, books and fees for the entire year. Be sure you give us the total for an entire year – not just one semester. Your potential scholarship amount will be based on the information YOU give us.

o Scholarship and Grant form, found on the bottom of the Anticipated Costs Form. This gives us a list of any other scholarships or aid you have been awarded or for which you have applied and what they can be used for if you receive them. Because our scholarship can be used ONLY for tuition, books and fees, we reserve the right to choose a funding level based on other scholarships.

o Proof of 360 hours of work experience already completed or a signed copy of our Statement of Commitment to Complete Required Hours form. If you've already completed 360 hours of work experience, please submit a signed letter from the company telling us how many hours you completed. If you have not yet completed your hours, please sign the Commitment Form provided on the back of the Statement of Anticipated Costs form. If you are awarded a scholarship, after you complete your required hours, you will need to submit a signed letter via PDF scanned email or regular mail, from a company representative stating how many hours you worked. This verification of hours completed is due by August 31, 2022. If you do not complete the required number of hours you will NOT be eligible for a scholarship.

***Certified sealed copy or certified, secure digital copy of either your complete High School or University/College transcripts, whichever is most current. A minimum Cumulative GPA of 3.3 is required, High School unweighted GPAs are used (4.0 scale). Contact the school early! Transcripts can take time to get to us.

***High School Students: Official copy of SAT/ACT test scores if applying in high school and they are not listed on your transcript. A minimum SAT score of 1200 is required or a minimum ACT composite score of 26. These take several weeks to get to us – do not wait to request that your scores be sent to us. To order scores you will need to use our Foundation Code number to request that your scores be sent to us:

o SAT Code #6347

o ACT Code #7950


ONLINE TRACKING OF RECEIPT OF APPLICATIONS MATERIALS. At your interview you will be given an applicant number. Save this number! Beginning the week of June 6th, if not before, you will be able to monitor on our website what parts of your application we have received. A database of application materials will be found under the “Scholarship Application Tracking” file listed at the bottom of the page. An X or a date indicates our receipt of that application requirement. You will be identified only by a number, no names will be used. Remember your number! The database will be updated by 2:00 pm Monday through Thursday. Please check the website before calling the office to check on our receipt of a part of your application.

It is your personal responsibility to meet all deadlines and make sure all pieces of the application are submitted!

IF after you’ve read all of this information you still have a question, call Sue at 412-596-2937.

2022 Student Scholarship Program Summary of Critical Dates


This is the deadline to declare your intention to apply by submitting:

  1. The application form,

  2. Job description (Proof of employment must be presented to the II-VI Foundation office in the form of a job description provided by your employer and supervisor/mentor contact information prior to your interview.),

  3. Scheduling an interview. Email to schedule an interview. Interviews will be held between May 31st and June 16th. ALL IN-PERSON INTERVIEWS MUST BE DONE THE WEEK OF JUNE 6TH. See the Guidelines for details on the interviews.


New and renewal student scholarship applications and all required documents are due. ALL application requirements MUST be received in the office by 1:00 pm EDT on the date due.


The Selection Committee meets to decide student scholarship awards and funding levels.


Students are notified of awards. Scholarship recipients must complete the DATA SHEET located on website. Failure to complete and return the data form will result in delay of funding.

AUGUST 1st – 15th: FUNDING

Once we receive your data sheet:

  1. We will fax or email to the school contact person that you give us an agreement stating your scholarship may be used for tuition, books and fees only. According to IRS laws, this agreement must be signed by the school before we can send them your scholarship award.

  2. Once we receive a signed agreement, your scholarship award will be mailed directly to the school. Scholarship awards can be applied to one semester or divided equally between two semesters, whatever you and your school prefer. As long as the award is used within the 2022-2023 school year and is applied only to tuition, books and fees, this is your choice.

  3. We will notify you when we mail it so you can watch your student account for credit.

If we do not receive a signed agreement from your school, it is your responsibility to contact them and ensure this is done so you can receive your award. Checks CANNOT be sent until this signed agreement is received.


Work experience qualification period concludes. A minimum of 360 hours must be completed to qualify for the current scholarship funding cycle. If you had not completed your hours before filing your application, you will need to submit a signed letter via PDF scanned email or regular mail, from a company representative stating how many hours you worked.


Between October 1 and August 31st, 360 hours/9 weeks must be completed to qualify for the next scholarship funding cycle.